Room Sarah since of 1964

Room Sarah

U našoj obiteljskoj kući, na ovoj adresi naši roditelji su iznajmljivali smještaj turistima još davnih šezdesetih godina prošlog stoljeća.Bili su to uglavnom turisti iz Čehoslovačke, Mađarske, i Njemačke a dolazili su vlakom ili autobusima.

Danas nastavljamo tradiciju i u novouređenoj sobi ugošćujemo cijenjene putnike - turiste iz čitavog svijeta. Prošle 2019. godine posjetili su nas turisti iz 21 zemlje sa šest kontinenata i nisu krili zadovoljstvo što su odsjeli kod nas i upoznali naš lijepi grad.

Ono zbog čega se naši turisti odlučuju za naš smještaj je miran dio grada a ujedno neposredna blizina centra grad sa bogatim sadržajem za dnevni a još više noćni obilazak.

City of Rijeka

With its historical sights, different architecture and Mediterranean appeal, Rijeka is a city that conquers. Rich in many events such as: MIK music festival, Rijeka Nautical Fair Nautica, international sailing regatta "Fiumanka", and especially the Rijeka Carnival, Rijeka does not leave you indifferent throughout the year, and the nightlife in Rijeka can young people tell many stories, with many pubs, cafes, restaurants, discos and nightclubs Rijeka can offer you a nightlife worth all the attention.

Thanks to its great diversity and rich history, the city of Rijeka was declared the European Capital of Culture 2020 this year. As a center and starting point, it offers a visit to many smaller tourist pearls such as Opatija, Crikvenica, Krk, Cres and Lošinj.

City of Rijeka

Sarah room in the heart of Rijeka

What a lovelyexperience! Returning to Rijeka filled me with joy like never before. Comfortable accommodation, kindness of the hosts made my stay unforgettable. an extraordinary location that offers countless opportunities for relaxation and entertainment and with everything at your fingertips, is just one of the characteristics of this menu-dear haven. At this moment, just before I leave, I feel just like last time that a part of me stays here with open arms, ready to welcome me with equal gifts somewhere in the near future. Thanks for everything. Vesna Novak

In our Sarah room we apply all the procedures prescribed by the Civil Protection Headquarters for protection against Covid-19 such as disinfection of all objects and contact surfaces after thorough cleaning.

Also, the position of our accommodation is such that completely separate access is provided and there is no danger of meeting other guests or anyone else.

In the peace of our garden, guests have the opportunity to stay undisturbed by other people.